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Last Updated: Apr 29, 2019 04:35PM CDT

Files Settings

Notate supports a fully functional PDF editor on the files tab.  This section of settings determines how the features relating to file management operate.

Flatten Annotations – When exporting a PDF the content can be “flattened” or standard.  Flattening a PDF converts all annotations, handwriting, and notes into images embedded directly into the document.  The benefit of flattening is that these annotations become read-only and can not be edited by other users.  It also allows the document to be displayed even in non-conforming PDF viewers. Standard or unflattened annotations are usually superior because they allow the document to continue to be edited. Standard annotations work in any Adobe compliant PDF viewer/editor.

Show Images from Emails --  This setting determines whether the Email Attachments shown in the files tab considers images as attachments or not.  If this is unchecked, then only documents will be shown as attachments.

Email Attachments --  This setting allows you to determine how far back in time Notate will search when displaying your email attachments.  The shorter the time period, the faster Notate will sync. Cache attachments lets you determine how long attachments that you have downloaded will be kept on your device for further editing.

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