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What are average note sizes in Exchange when saving notes that include images, audio, & handwriting?

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2016 11:08AM CDT
Would you have any statistics on typical data sizes for the dynamic content that users are able to upload / save into Notate. For example:
  • hand written notes / drawings,
  • a 5/10/15 minute voice recording,
  • Photo sizes, are they compressed if so to what size / scale?
* 1 full page of handwritten notes, ~14 handwritten lines - 4MB   (Notate 4.10 adds compression to this and will have the same file size under 1MB)
* 5 minute voice recording -  478kb
* 10 minute voice recording - 956kb
* 15 minute voice recording - 1.4mb
Notate prompts the user to choose the image size when inserting a photo.  The photos are stored in compressed PNG format.  Note that even the small size looks great on the iPad, but you won’t see a huge image if you look at it on the desktop.
* Small - ~600kb  640x480
* Medium - ~ 1mb  768x1024
* Original - ~ 5mb 1536 x 2048

Remember that each media type is controlled by policy and can be turned on or off through the Application policies on the MDM console.

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