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Notate for Good Policy Settings

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017 05:36PM CDT

You can find the IT policy settings for Notate in the Good Control server under:
Policy Sets ->  Application Policies ->  Notate for Good

From here you can adjust Notate settings with fine grained control and can also specify Exchange configuration so that individual users don't have to configure the settings themselves.

Exchange Account Sync 

The Notate manager supports device and ongoing note sync with the users Outlook account.   To authorize this feature, go to the Good Control Manage Policy Set.  Find the policy “Allow Synchronization with Exchange” and check the corresponding box. 
If your organization, like most, uses a private certificate for SSL communications it will require you to “check” the Disable Peer verification box.

If your organization has setup Good Dynamics for Kerberos support, check the box "Use kerberos Authentication".

Auto discovery 
In most cases, leave the Autodiscovery and EWS URL sections blank.  Notate is able to detect standard Exchange Autodiscovery services.  In the event that your auto discovery URL is in a non standard location, you may specify it here.

Exchange Web Services
In the event that auto discovery will not work for your organization, instead you will specify the EWS URL into the exchange server field.  This is the location where Exchange Web Services are available.  This is often (but not always)  https://your.domain.name/EWS/Exchange.asmx
To test the link: point a web browser to your address and if you have entered the URL properly it should redirect to a page like this:  https://your.domain.name/EWS/Services.wsdl

This URL will automatically appear when the user sets up their Outlook account.  The URL in the application can be over-ridden by the user during set-up if necessary.

Finally, make sure that you enable Notate to access your exchange server behind the firewall.  Detailed steps for this can be found here:  


Notate policy controls
The following GC policy control are available for customization with each organization.

Allow users to use Annotations
Allow user to use the camera
Allow users to paste images from photo gallery
Allow notes to be tagged with location (Geotag)
Allow notes hyperlinks to be followed
Allow local notes on the device
Allow users to attach voice recordings to notes
Allow WEB clippings


User in-app set-up steps for individual Outlook account syncing

Open your Notate application. Enter the following information for Exchange set up:
1. The user email address will be pre-populated and in most cases, the user simply has to enter their exchange email password to complete the setup.
2. In cases where autodiscovery can’t connect with the email address alone, the user must add their AD Domain account name " bill@ad.domain.com" or the pre-AD domain account name in this format "domain\username”
3. In rare cases where autodiscovery fails, the user may be prompted to enter the Exchange server address. This can be pre-populated by the IT administrator by specifying the correct address in the GC console as described earlier. 

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